Shoot with Olivia | Victoria BC Portraits of Women

I have been so fortunate over the past few years to photograph many aspiring models from our local talent agency, Coultish Management.  It's always fun and interesting, and I learn something new about posing, lighting and direction each and every time.  

But photographing Olivia recently was definitely a highlight for me.  I'm not sure I have ever met a model so young who just "gets it" - generally, the newer models are still figuring it all out (as we all are in our newer careers/hobbies/personal pursuits) - but Olivia really seemed to connect with the camera, and it was a joy to photograph her.  I predict a bright future for her if she continues on with modelling.  I truly enjoyed working with her, and wish her so much success with whatever she goes on to do.  

We met at Beacon Hill Park at sunset on a beautiful fall evening and headed down to the beach shortly after sunset.  I have been so excited to share these photos and am really proud of the work we did together that day.    

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