Chad & Kaylie's Elegant Outdoor Backyard Wedding | Victoria, BC Wedding + Family Photography

I had the opportunity to work with the amazingly talented Jennifer Armstrong as her second photographer on a wedding last year.  I was initially hired to set up the photobooth for guests, but Jennifer invited me to feel free to photograph some of the other parts of the day as well, which was super fun.

Being newly pregnant really threw me for a loop last summer, so I'm just now getting around to blogging this wedding.  It was something I kept meaning to do, but other things kept coming up.  Now that I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby, it seems like as good a time as any to check this one off my list!  Re-visiting the photos has been really enjoyable, and made me remember what a beautiful wedding it was, and what a cool & valuable experience it is to watch how someone else works.  There were a lot of favourites from the day, especially from the photobooth, but I hope you enjoy the sampling here.  Thanks again to Jennifer for the opportunity, and congrats again to Chad & Kaylie!  I hope you're enjoying your first year of marriage!