Photo-A-Day - Day 2 - Tilt Shift Experiment #1

So there's this really neat technique I've been wanting to try and perfect for a while that gives a photographic effect which mimics the look of a tilt shift lens.  An amazing photographer I assisted in 2013, Jon-Mark, showed me how to do this, but it's a little bit tricky.  If you have a DSLR, feel free to play along.  Here's how!  

Step 1:  Take the lens off the camera body, but hold it close enough to the camera body that there's no vignetting in the frame.  

Step 2: Achieve your desired focus by changing the tilt angle of your lens and/or your distance from the subject OR by using your manual focus ring.  You will NOT be able to focus automatically after the lens is removed from the camera body.    UPDATE:  Since posting this on facebook, some has kindly sent me a link to an article suggesting setting your focus to infinity to achieve focus.  It's got some other great tips and images showcasing this technique.  It's a neat article.  Check it out here.  

Things to consider: You will not be able to control your aperature while the lens is removed from the camera body.  That means you'll need to change either your shutter speed or ISO to control your exposure.Try experimenting by focusing on your subject before and after you take the lens off to see which results you like best.  Please keep a good hold on that lens and use your camera strap when you're trying this!!!  It's awkward to get used to this technique the first few times you try it, and you don't want to inadvertently drop your lens or your camera.  

The effects of this technique can be really stunning, but it does seem to take some practice.  It's definitely a technique I want to master this year.  I have yet to achieve the effect I want using a human subject, so that's another photo for another day!   For today, here's my tilt shift experiment #1 taken from inside using raindrops on a window and an outdoor light source.  

Camera info: Canon 5D Mark II.  50mm f1.8 lens.  ISO 1000.  Shutter speed 1/15.  


My sweet husband, ever the comedian, suggested today's theme be "Man Reads Book".  So here's that one, in tilt shift, just for kicks and because he's silly.