Photo-A-Day - Day 13: Flowers

It's a magically sunny day here, which is great because I've been a wee bit whiny lately about the greyness.  

I feel like today hit the reset button for me.  

I feel good and have been productive.  I drummed for a kids dance workshop with my friend Nikko from MoonDance Dynamic Arts School, which is always fun because - let's face it - there are few things more joyful and hilarious than watching 5 to 8 year olds dance.  I also had a great appointment with my midwife at the Midwives Collective.  I LOVE hearing baby's heartbeat.  It's the neatest sound, and I am more and more in love with this baby every minute.  Then I met my friend, Jessica at Thunderbird Insurance and *finally* got my business insurance up-to-date, which is a massive relief.

When I got home, I saw these beautiful primulas bathed in the most glorious afternoon sunlight and it made my heart swell.  

I hope you're enjoying your day!