Photo-A-Day Project - Day 40


My sweetie and I went for a great walk today at Mt. Doug where we came across some lovely little nooks. There were a few to choose from, but I'm quite fond of this one.  I recently re-read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit for the first time in about two decades, and when I saw it, it reminded me of a hobbit hole, only smaller.  

Forests are awesome, and I believe they're worth protecting.  Here in BC, we have the distinction of being one of the few places left in the world with temperate rain forests.  These forests are amazing places, teeming with life.  What's more, they're beautiful and hard-working.  They clean our air, act as carbon sinks, and provide habitat for a multitude of life, both small and large. They also provide humans with some much-needed "unplugged" time outdoors.  There are many organizations, including The Land Conservancy, the Wilderness Committee, and the David Suzuki Foundation, who work to protect forests for the future, and they could really use your support, either as a volunteer or a donor.  

So get outside and enjoy a forest near you!  You see so many neat things when you're in them.  I am particularly fond of trees that look like they have faces in the bark, limbs, and trunks.  When I walk through a forest, I can totally understand why people [used to/still do] think forests were/are enchanted, especially when you see things like this peering out at you with a mischevious grin...


And since I was a slacker and didn't do my photo yesterday (a thousand apologies!), I'm doing penance by adding a few extra photos today.  

I love these little licorice ferns that are all along the trails here.  They're so cute!

Monica is taking a break for a few days while she's in Halifax for the weekend, but it sounds like Lee will be posting a photo today, so check it out!