Photo-A-Day Project - Day 20

"Beating the Odds"

Fact:  Seeds are amazing.  

It's winter, and we have kale and arugula growing in our garden which we eat regularly.  Yes, it's cold, and they grow very slowly at this time of year.  And maybe they even stop growing for a while during the coldest times. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say we have kale and arugula alive in our garden. The fact remains that, to me, a small town girl from Prince Edward Island who can remember winters full of snow drifts, this is completely amazing.  These seeds have beaten the odds of the damp coldness, the pounding rain, the frost and the short days to turn into healthy plants that I can eat and actually continue to grow even after harvesting... during the winter. Talk about beating the odds!  

Nerd alert: I love to garden, and I think seeds are so amazing that I'm going to briefly continue my rant and provide links to 2 of my favourite seed companies: West Coast Seeds and Vesey's Seeds.  These business are helping ensure the genetic diversity of our food supply for the future, despite the increasing corporatization of farming, food production and even (yes, it's sounds crazy but it's true) seeds.  Gardening is fun, therapeutic, good exercise, and can provide you with some of the tastiest food you will ever have the pleasure of eating.  Do yourself a favour and buy a $3.00 pack of lettuce seed this year that will last you the entire summer of multiple sowings and harvestings.  It'll be the most delicious lettuce you've ever tasted.   Or pick your favourite vegetable and try growing it.  You might be surprised by how delicious food tastes when you eat it fresh out of the garden.