Erin and Jessica



What can I say?  These are two stunning people I had the good fortune to be invited to photograph on Sunday. They are fun, gorgeous, self-assured, and easy to be around, which is always an inspiration for me (a goofy, overly private, only child who got WAAAAY too used to playing alone as a kid ;).  They were game for getting in the wild west coast ocean at Willows Beach in September and I gladly charged in right after them.  Even though Erin was feeling a bit under the weather, this shoot rocked.  We got together some of Erin's good friends (and a couple of mine too, it turns out) for a grand finale, and there are more images to process, but thanks to my full time job in my other career, this is what I could get through for today.  Patience is a virtue - there's more to come.  Until then, enjoy!


PS.  You can check out Erin's blog at: and Jessica's blog at:  

PPS.  Can you tell I'm diggin' the high contrast black and whites?